Chronic Disease Management

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Support for a range of chronic conditions

At Denmark Medical Centre, we take a step-by-step approach to helping you live your best life, no matter what chronic condition you’re living with. First, we’ll help you develop an individualised management plan that takes into account both your condition and your lifestyle.

Then, we support you with fully integrated and ongoing care that uses the latest techniques and technologies for your wellbeing. It’s all about putting you in control so you can look to the future with confidence.

Our approach to chronic disease management

We believe in taking extra time to nurture a positive relationship with you, and we are here for your life journey.

We’ll act as your advocate, helping you navigate complex life and healthcare decisions. We use an evidence-based approach when choosing diagnostic tests and treatment – this way, we help you to avoid over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment.

If other health professionals need to be brought in to support your care and wellbeing, we can recommend experts who we know will do a great job with you.

What is preventative health?

You may not have a chronic condition, but you might be interested in preventative healthcare. This is about identifying issues before they cause harm, and helping you remain as well as can be.

The success of preventative healthcare relies on a close relationship between GP and patient. By working collaboratively with you, we can detect disease earlier, treat it faster, and promote and maintain your health.

Preventative healthcare is an important part of patient-centred care at Denmark Medical Centre.

In taking a preventative health approach, we look at:

  • How to optimise your lifestyle
  • How to minimise your risk of communicable disease through immunisations
  • Cancer screening in an evidence based manner
  • Cardiovascular risk factor screening and optimisation
  • Detection and management of mental health conditions
  • Screening of eye and bone health
  • And much more.

Ask our staff about our health checks to start the ball rolling.