Veterans Care (DVA)

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If you qualify for the Coordinated Veterans Care Program, we’re here to help. We can also conduct Veteran Health Checks and put you on the right path for care and wellbeing. Learn more about these services below.

What is the Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Program?

The DVA Coordinated Veteran’s Care Program helps veterans to self-manage chronic conditions. You may qualify if you are a Gold Card holder.

With regular support from our practice nurse, your ongoing needs are monitored and any necessary health and social services are coordinated to keep you well and active in the community for as long as possible.

Do you offer Veteran Health Checks?

Yes, we do. If you were discharged from the Australian Defence Force after 1st July 2019, you’ll be eligible for an annual health check for the first five years. The comprehensive physical and mental health assessment is aimed at identifying any issues early on, so that you can get the services and support you need faster.

If you were discharged from the Australian Defence Force before 1st July 2019, you are eligible for one health assessment.

Learn more about Veteran Health Checks